Three Of The Best Home Energy Saving Product You Can Own

In the past decade, we’ve experienced some of the extreme effects of global warming, from El Niño, which caused drought to a lot of countries around the world, and strong typhoons that flooded even major cites in the world. These signs of global warming and really undeniable and we will all experience nature’s wrath one way or another. However, we can’t sit around and wait things to happen, as using simple things like energy saving products can make take part of the solution.

Some energy saving products may be slightly expensive than their traditional counterparts, especially the appliances, but they’re more cost efficient and can save you more money from energy consumption, longevity, and quality in the long run. Here is three of the most popular energy saving products you can have:

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

It’s a general knowledge that fluorescent lights are far more cost efficient than incandescent lights. Research shows that compact fluorescent bulbs can last up to 10x longer than its incandescent counterpart and can help anyone save up to $30 for its longevity, not to mention it can help save 75% less energy while illuminating rooms with the same amount of light and without emitting heat.

Front Loading Washing Machine

This may be more popular in laundry shops than in households, but this is one of the best energy saving appliances you can own. Front loading washing machines does the job by using only 50% less electricity and a little more than just one-third less water than top loading washers. That’s a lot of energy, water, and detergent saved, not to mention it does the laundry smoothly and quietly.

Eco Kettle

A simple energy saving product as an eco kettle can help you save on energy consumption, water consumption, and reduce your CO2 emissions. Eco-friendly kettles works by boiling only the amount of water you’ll need for your cup of coffee or tea. It’s done by holding the cold water on the upper compartment and pours only the amount of water you’ll need on its lower chamber to heat. This simple device can help you save on energy consumptions for as much as 31%, and can keep the water hot inside for more than 30 minutes. Not to mention it saves more water in the process.

Be part of the solution and take part on the rising call for awareness of global warming by using these appliances in your home. These energy saving products may be costly at first, but its benefits and comfort are worth the investments, as you can save a lot of money in the long run.


Eco Kettle: Eco-friendly Way To Make A Cup Of Coffee

Did you know that a simply energy saving product such as eco kettle can help you reduce your CO2 emissions to the environment and save money? Research shows that on average, people boil almost twice the volume of water needed to make a cup of coffee or tea. It doesn’t sound much, but that’s a lot of water and electricity wasted in the long run. British people for example, drink 229 million cups of coffee and tea every day, and about a quarter of all electricity used in domestic places are used by electric kettles. A research shows that if all the people in Great Britain use eco kettle, they can save up to 697,000 tons or carbon dioxide a year as compared to the traditional kettle. This is where the idea of using eco-friendly kettle comes from.

Boiling only as much water as needed is the advantage of eco kettles. Those slow-boiling kettles aren’t necessarily efficient, as some simply waste energy by exceeding more than 10 seconds before it automatically shuts off.

Eco kettles on the other hand, use only about 31% less electricity in boiling water than the traditional kettles as it completes the job by boiling only what is necessary, saving you money from electricity bills in the process.

Eco-friendly works by holding the cold water in the upper compartment before letting you release the amount of water you need to boil on its lower chamber.

These kettles are sold for as low as £30 or about $48 USD, some more sophisticated models are priced at $96. While it may seem impractical to spend this much for a kettle, the item can compensate its price with fast boiling time, energy efficiency, and quality, especially if you enjoy drinking several cups of coffee or tea daily.

There are eco kettles available in the market today that automatically switches off as soon as water is boiled. Some feature even four temperature settings, so you will get the perfect water for the drink you want to make. Also, new models of this type of kettle can even keep your water in right heat for more than 30 minutes.

If you’re not willing to spend $48 USD for a kettle, then there are lots of cheaper versions you can choose from. Some cheaper eco kettle features only three temperature settings and comes with a handy one-cup water capacity and a lighted water gauge so you can fill the kettle with just the right amount of water you need.

Take advantage of this energy saving product now and start to be part of the solution in the world’s global warming problem.

The Perks Front Loading Washing Machine

Research shows that front loading types of washing machines is both energy and water efficient, as it runs for up to 50% less electricity and one-third less water than its top loading counterpart. But aside from that, what does really make this type of washing machine a good energy saver product than the traditional type?

The Difference Between Front-Loader and Top-Loader Washing Machine

The most obvious difference between how a top loader and front loader washing machine is how you put the clothes inside. A top loader as we know, has a hinged lid on top, holds water horizontally, and uses the agitator in the middle of the tub to swirl clothes through the soapy water. A front loader on the other hand, utilizes gravity and paddles mounted on the sides to agitate the clothes. Once you close the front door, the machine will lock it automatically until the washing is complete.


The Advantage of Front-Loading Washing Machine


Large Load Capacity

Increased capacity is the main advantage of a front-loading machine over the traditional type of top-loading washing machine. The horizontal drum can hold for more than 20% to 30% more clothes per load than the vertical drum, making it a very good choice for large families. On average, it can wash 3 loads for what is 5 loads for the top-loading counterpart. Thus, you cut down both electricity and water usage.

Gentle and Quiet Cleaning

Also, a front loading washing machine wash clothes a lot gentler and operates quietly, because rather than centralized agitator that literally grabs and trashes clothes inside the drum of the machine, it is the paddles that picks up the clothes gently and letting them drop into the soapy water. This obviously, extends the lifespan of your clothes. It also includes agitation action to remove dirt from the clothes, but it is gravity that does most of the washing. Also, front loading washing machines operates quietly, compared to top loading washers which tends to become noisier as it age.

Less Detergent and Water Use

To cover the load of the clothes placed inside, a top loader washer needs a lot of water. A front loading washer on the other hand, usually require just about a third of its tub to do the job. This is because it works by drawing the clothes to the water through gravity, not the other way around. Also, there are detergents designed for each type of washing machine where it works with a lower suding formula and release cleaning agents at different temperatures of water. As a matter of fact, front loading washers include a heating element to keep the water inside ideal for washing. This translates to better cleaning for less detergent and less water used, quite a good energy saver product.

Samsung WF330ANW, Whirlpool WFW9250WL and Amana NFW7300WW are among the three best front loading washing machines in the market today.


The Perks of Fluorescent Bulbs

It is a common knowledge that fluorescent bulbs are energy saver products, especially the compact fluorescent bulbs. It’s more energy sufficient (uses about one fourth of the energy used by incandescent light) and lasts longer. Research shows that a compact fluorescent light, on its lifetime, can help you save up to $30. That’s from the 10x (or even more) longer lifespan and 75% less energy than its usual incandescent counterpart. With these advantages, it is no longer surprising that more and more households are switching their lights into fluorescent lighting. Its lifetime cost, energy savings, and environmental impact easily makes it a better choice for lighting.

Here are more reasons to switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs


Known for its energy efficiency and reduction of replacement cost, fluorescent bulbs can last a minimum of 10 times longer than the usual incandescent light. They do show some flickering problems and shorter lifespan if gets turned on and off frequently and require ideal temperature to work well, but they’re known to work under good capacity when used in lower temperatures.

Incandescent light bulbs are very sensitive to voltage changes, its longevity may be doubled when if the voltage is changed. But this obviously affects its output, which is why it’s not usually used under normal circumstances.

Energy Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, fluorescent bulb is more energy efficient while providing the same brightness. This is because the bigger part of the energy consumed is used to produce light, while only the smaller proportion is used for emitting heat, allowing the light to illuminate the room without heating it up. Not to mention it distributes light more effectively without straining the eyes.

Initial Cost

Fluorescent light’s initial cost may be up to three times more expensive than ordinary incandescent bulbs, but that price difference is obviously compensated for its longevity and energy efficiency. Its longer lifespan will reduce your replacement costs. This is the reason why most business establishments around the world opt for this light bulb.

Health Concerns and Environmental Effect

There had been no official research how fluorescent light and incandescent light differ in terms of health issues and environmental impact. However, because of the fact that fluorescent lights contain mercury, it is obviously very important to be disposed properly. The environmental benefit of fluorescent lights is of course, its energy efficiency.

Incandescent lights on the other hand, are not known to be hazardous to the environment and do not impose much health risks. But it still emits heat which is known to contribute to global warming.


Practical Energy Saver Products

Help save the environment and be part of the solution by cutting your energy costs, reducing carbon footprint, keeping maintenance costs and downtime low, and increase productivity for indoor, outdoor and even business establishment. Here are some must-have energy saver products:

Energy Saver Products for Home Use

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Fluorescent light bulbs should replace the old-school incandescent light bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs last longer and consume about one-fourth energy than its incandescent counterpart and illuminate at the same intensity.

Ceiling Fans
Its no-brainer that air-conditioners use up a lot of energy, even if it’s “energy saving” model. So rather than cooling your room whole day with your air-conditioning system, opt for the cheaper and energy consumption by installing a good ceiling fan.

According to California Energy Commission (CEC), conventional ovens use about 50% more energy compared to microwave ovens. Thus, to defrost heat up, or cool small items, choose your microwave, it can do the job faster.

Washing Machine
Opt for a front-loading washing machine. Research shows that front-loading washing machines runs for up to 50% less electricity and use only one-third water than other types of washing machines. Also, it runs for more thorough rinsing cycle, saving your more electricity for using the dryer.

Energy Saver Products for Garden Use

Add a Motion Sensor

Installing motion sensors outdoors for lighting fixtures automatically can help your save in electricity for your outdoor and garden use, as it turn off the light when no one is around the perimeters. This device is great for seldom-used areas in your garden, such as garden shed, or even basement.

Solar Blanker
This can help in lowering your energy cost for heating your pool, as it utilizes the heat of the sun to warm the water, not to mention it prevents your water from evaporating.

Small Solar-powered Lights
Save electricity from your lights by utilizing sun’s heat for your garden light fixtures. These items can be found in garden stores on online.

Energy Saver Product For Office Use

Programmable Thermostat
This handy device is widely available for as low as $50, can help you save in your electricity bills for up to $200 a year, as it turns down the heat inside the room at certain times of the day or night. For every degree you decrease your thermostat you cut about 1% off from your energy consumption.

Insulating Window Treatments
Cellular and honeycomb shares can help reduce the heat a room for up to 86% and even gain 80% in a fell swoop. These shades are fairly cheap, about $25 per window.

Energy Star-Rated Ceiling Fan
During the warm months of summer, turn the fan in counter clockwise to let cool air circulate inside the room more efficiently. For cooler season, set the fan in clockwise to push the warm air down from your office’s ceiling and reduce HVAC load for up to 10%.

Simple Ways To Save Energy

The warning signs of global warming are undeniably prevalent, especially in the past couple of decades, which is why the call for minimizing carbon footprint and energy consumption is on the rise. As a regular citizen, you can be part of the solution by simply using energy saver products.

More and more people are becoming more conscious on the amount of energy they use on a day to day basis. This is actually a good thing, because aside from the fact that it helps promote more sustainable environment, it can significantly cut down the cost and help you save money in the long run.

Some energy efficient products may be costly at first, but many of them can lower your energy consumption and reduce heat emission, which will be beneficial for you in time. If you’re considering of getting part of the solution, then here are some simple ways to save energy wherever you are:


Purchasing energy saver products and appliances for home or office use is one the simplest ways to save on energy consumption. Appliances with Energy Star logo verify that the items meet the guidelines of U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency.

Ceiling Fans

Rather than turning you air-conditioners on whole day, every day in your home, why don’t you install ceiling fans. The CEC reveals air-conditioners use more energy, while fans can cool your home for a lesser energy use.

Light Bulbs

Replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs is the most basic way to save energy consumption at home. California Energy Commission (CEC) says fluorescent bulbs use only about one-fourth of the energy of incandescent bulbs and last significantly longer with the same intensity.


Have your house checked by a qualified contractor to get it properly insulated and minimize the need to turn on cooling appliances. Have your attic, basement, ceilings, walls, crawl spaces, and air ducts properly insulated to keep your home temperature comfortable.


Installing a programmable thermostat is another great way to save energy, whether in your home or business establishment. The U.S. Department of Energy says a household or an office space can save for as much as 10% on its heating and air-conditioning bills if thermostat is set right and cut for 10% to 15% for at least 8 hours a day. Set your room temperature to automatic to raise or lower throughout the day.

Solar Power

The sun’s heat is for free, we’ve been harnessing its energy for decades now. Solar panel is one of the most efficient energy saver products around. Installing solar panels may be expensive at first, but its benefits can out pay its price in the long run as it will significantly cut down your monthly electricity bills as it eliminates more electricity use.


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