Eco Kettle: Eco-friendly Way To Make A Cup Of Coffee

Did you know that a simply energy saving product such as eco kettle can help you reduce your CO2 emissions to the environment and save money? Research shows that on average, people boil almost twice the volume of water needed to make a cup of coffee or tea. It doesn’t sound much, but that’s a lot of water and electricity wasted in the long run. British people for example, drink 229 million cups of coffee and tea every day, and about a quarter of all electricity used in domestic places are used by electric kettles. A research shows that if all the people in Great Britain use eco kettle, they can save up to 697,000 tons or carbon dioxide a year as compared to the traditional kettle. This is where the idea of using eco-friendly kettle comes from.

Boiling only as much water as needed is the advantage of eco kettles. Those slow-boiling kettles aren’t necessarily efficient, as some simply waste energy by exceeding more than 10 seconds before it automatically shuts off.

Eco kettles on the other hand, use only about 31% less electricity in boiling water than the traditional kettles as it completes the job by boiling only what is necessary, saving you money from electricity bills in the process.

Eco-friendly works by holding the cold water in the upper compartment before letting you release the amount of water you need to boil on its lower chamber.

These kettles are sold for as low as £30 or about $48 USD, some more sophisticated models are priced at $96. While it may seem impractical to spend this much for a kettle, the item can compensate its price with fast boiling time, energy efficiency, and quality, especially if you enjoy drinking several cups of coffee or tea daily.

There are eco kettles available in the market today that automatically switches off as soon as water is boiled. Some feature even four temperature settings, so you will get the perfect water for the drink you want to make. Also, new models of this type of kettle can even keep your water in right heat for more than 30 minutes.

If you’re not willing to spend $48 USD for a kettle, then there are lots of cheaper versions you can choose from. Some cheaper eco kettle features only three temperature settings and comes with a handy one-cup water capacity and a lighted water gauge so you can fill the kettle with just the right amount of water you need.

Take advantage of this energy saving product now and start to be part of the solution in the world’s global warming problem.