Three Of The Best Home Energy Saving Product You Can Own

In the past decade, we’ve experienced some of the extreme effects of global warming, from El Niño, which caused drought to a lot of countries around the world, and strong typhoons that flooded even major cites in the world. These signs of global warming and really undeniable and we will all experience nature’s wrath one way or another. However, we can’t sit around and wait things to happen, as using simple things like energy saving products can make take part of the solution.

Some energy saving products may be slightly expensive than their traditional counterparts, especially the appliances, but they’re more cost efficient and can save you more money from energy consumption, longevity, and quality in the long run. Here is three of the most popular energy saving products you can have:

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

It’s a general knowledge that fluorescent lights are far more cost efficient than incandescent lights. Research shows that compact fluorescent bulbs can last up to 10x longer than its incandescent counterpart and can help anyone save up to $30 for its longevity, not to mention it can help save 75% less energy while illuminating rooms with the same amount of light and without emitting heat.

Front Loading Washing Machine

This may be more popular in laundry shops than in households, but this is one of the best energy saving appliances you can own. Front loading washing machines does the job by using only 50% less electricity and a little more than just one-third less water than top loading washers. That’s a lot of energy, water, and detergent saved, not to mention it does the laundry smoothly and quietly.

Eco Kettle

A simple energy saving product as an eco kettle can help you save on energy consumption, water consumption, and reduce your CO2 emissions. Eco-friendly kettles works by boiling only the amount of water you’ll need for your cup of coffee or tea. It’s done by holding the cold water on the upper compartment and pours only the amount of water you’ll need on its lower chamber to heat. This simple device can help you save on energy consumptions for as much as 31%, and can keep the water hot inside for more than 30 minutes. Not to mention it saves more water in the process.

Be part of the solution and take part on the rising call for awareness of global warming by using these appliances in your home. These energy saving products may be costly at first, but its benefits and comfort are worth the investments, as you can save a lot of money in the long run.