The Perks of Fluorescent Bulbs

It is a common knowledge that fluorescent bulbs are energy saver products, especially the compact fluorescent bulbs. It’s more energy sufficient (uses about one fourth of the energy used by incandescent light) and lasts longer. Research shows that a compact fluorescent light, on its lifetime, can help you save up to $30. That’s from the 10x (or even more) longer lifespan and 75% less energy than its usual incandescent counterpart. With these advantages, it is no longer surprising that more and more households are switching their lights into fluorescent lighting. Its lifetime cost, energy savings, and environmental impact easily makes it a better choice for lighting.

Here are more reasons to switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs


Known for its energy efficiency and reduction of replacement cost, fluorescent bulbs can last a minimum of 10 times longer than the usual incandescent light. They do show some flickering problems and shorter lifespan if gets turned on and off frequently and require ideal temperature to work well, but they’re known to work under good capacity when used in lower temperatures.

Incandescent light bulbs are very sensitive to voltage changes, its longevity may be doubled when if the voltage is changed. But this obviously affects its output, which is why it’s not usually used under normal circumstances.

Energy Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, fluorescent bulb is more energy efficient while providing the same brightness. This is because the bigger part of the energy consumed is used to produce light, while only the smaller proportion is used for emitting heat, allowing the light to illuminate the room without heating it up. Not to mention it distributes light more effectively without straining the eyes.

Initial Cost

Fluorescent light’s initial cost may be up to three times more expensive than ordinary incandescent bulbs, but that price difference is obviously compensated for its longevity and energy efficiency. Its longer lifespan will reduce your replacement costs. This is the reason why most business establishments around the world opt for this light bulb.

Health Concerns and Environmental Effect

There had been no official research how fluorescent light and incandescent light differ in terms of health issues and environmental impact. However, because of the fact that fluorescent lights contain mercury, it is obviously very important to be disposed properly. The environmental benefit of fluorescent lights is of course, its energy efficiency.

Incandescent lights on the other hand, are not known to be hazardous to the environment and do not impose much health risks. But it still emits heat which is known to contribute to global warming.