Practical Energy Saver Products

Help save the environment and be part of the solution by cutting your energy costs, reducing carbon footprint, keeping maintenance costs and downtime low, and increase productivity for indoor, outdoor and even business establishment. Here are some must-have energy saver products:

Energy Saver Products for Home Use

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Fluorescent light bulbs should replace the old-school incandescent light bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs last longer and consume about one-fourth energy than its incandescent counterpart and illuminate at the same intensity.

Ceiling Fans
Its no-brainer that air-conditioners use up a lot of energy, even if it’s “energy saving” model. So rather than cooling your room whole day with your air-conditioning system, opt for the cheaper and energy consumption by installing a good ceiling fan.

According to California Energy Commission (CEC), conventional ovens use about 50% more energy compared to microwave ovens. Thus, to defrost heat up, or cool small items, choose your microwave, it can do the job faster.

Washing Machine
Opt for a front-loading washing machine. Research shows that front-loading washing machines runs for up to 50% less electricity and use only one-third water than other types of washing machines. Also, it runs for more thorough rinsing cycle, saving your more electricity for using the dryer.

Energy Saver Products for Garden Use

Add a Motion Sensor

Installing motion sensors outdoors for lighting fixtures automatically can help your save in electricity for your outdoor and garden use, as it turn off the light when no one is around the perimeters. This device is great for seldom-used areas in your garden, such as garden shed, or even basement.

Solar Blanker
This can help in lowering your energy cost for heating your pool, as it utilizes the heat of the sun to warm the water, not to mention it prevents your water from evaporating.

Small Solar-powered Lights
Save electricity from your lights by utilizing sun’s heat for your garden light fixtures. These items can be found in garden stores on online.

Energy Saver Product For Office Use

Programmable Thermostat
This handy device is widely available for as low as $50, can help you save in your electricity bills for up to $200 a year, as it turns down the heat inside the room at certain times of the day or night. For every degree you decrease your thermostat you cut about 1% off from your energy consumption.

Insulating Window Treatments
Cellular and honeycomb shares can help reduce the heat a room for up to 86% and even gain 80% in a fell swoop. These shades are fairly cheap, about $25 per window.

Energy Star-Rated Ceiling Fan
During the warm months of summer, turn the fan in counter clockwise to let cool air circulate inside the room more efficiently. For cooler season, set the fan in clockwise to push the warm air down from your office’s ceiling and reduce HVAC load for up to 10%.