Simple Ways To Save Energy

The warning signs of global warming are undeniably prevalent, especially in the past couple of decades, which is why the call for minimizing carbon footprint and energy consumption is on the rise. As a regular citizen, you can be part of the solution by simply using energy saver products.

More and more people are becoming more conscious on the amount of energy they use on a day to day basis. This is actually a good thing, because aside from the fact that it helps promote more sustainable environment, it can significantly cut down the cost and help you save money in the long run.

Some energy efficient products may be costly at first, but many of them can lower your energy consumption and reduce heat emission, which will be beneficial for you in time. If you’re considering of getting part of the solution, then here are some simple ways to save energy wherever you are:


Purchasing energy saver products and appliances for home or office use is one the simplest ways to save on energy consumption. Appliances with Energy Star logo verify that the items meet the guidelines of U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency.

Ceiling Fans

Rather than turning you air-conditioners on whole day, every day in your home, why don’t you install ceiling fans. The CEC reveals air-conditioners use more energy, while fans can cool your home for a lesser energy use.

Light Bulbs

Replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs is the most basic way to save energy consumption at home. California Energy Commission (CEC) says fluorescent bulbs use only about one-fourth of the energy of incandescent bulbs and last significantly longer with the same intensity.


Have your house checked by a qualified contractor to get it properly insulated and minimize the need to turn on cooling appliances. Have your attic, basement, ceilings, walls, crawl spaces, and air ducts properly insulated to keep your home temperature comfortable.


Installing a programmable thermostat is another great way to save energy, whether in your home or business establishment. The U.S. Department of Energy says a household or an office space can save for as much as 10% on its heating and air-conditioning bills if thermostat is set right and cut for 10% to 15% for at least 8 hours a day. Set your room temperature to automatic to raise or lower throughout the day.

Solar Power

The sun’s heat is for free, we’ve been harnessing its energy for decades now. Solar panel is one of the most efficient energy saver products around. Installing solar panels may be expensive at first, but its benefits can out pay its price in the long run as it will significantly cut down your monthly electricity bills as it eliminates more electricity use.